Tell the government you want to keep NEXUS

The trusted traveler program that hundreds of thousands of Canadians rely on for expedited travel is at risk.


A step in the right direction

The governments have started a pilot project at two border crossings (Peace Bridge and Thousand Islands) where NEXUS interviews with Canadian and U.S. border officers will take place separately. This is a workaround, but should be expanded to all border crossings in order to clear the backlog and save the NEXUS program.

What's happening with NEXUS?

During the pandemic, the NEXUS enrollment offices in Canada and the US were closed. When the border reopened, the US reopened its offices, but Canada did not. Why? Because the US officers that staff the Canadian centers refused to return to work until they receive normal legal protections from the Canadian government
the same protections Canadian officers receive in the US. Canada is resisting providing those protections, and the US is fed up.


Canada has said it wants the US officers to work without those legal protections. US has said officers won't do that. So the two governments are trying to work it out.


What are the Possible Solutions to Saving NEXUS?


  1. Canada could provide legal protection to US officers operating in Canada.
  2. The governments could split the interview and have the US portion occur in the US with US border guards and vice versa for the Canadian portion.
  3. Canada and the US could create a “remote” interview system, but this will potentially take years to operationalize.
  4. Canada could decide that NEXUS is too hard to save, and switch to another trusted traveler program that many countries use to enter the US called “Global Entry.”

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